‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Queens coming to ‘America’s Next Top Model’

Manila Luzon, Katya and Valentina make an apperance in the upcoming Cycle 24 of “America’s Next Top Model.” VH1 photo.

Three iconic queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race are set to appear on the upcoming cycle of America’s Next Top Model.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, Tyra Banks, who will return to host the show after a one-season hiatus, opens up about her decision to invite Manila Luzon, Katya and Valentina to take part in a photo shoot with the Cycle 24 “Top Model” girls.

“They’re so friggin’ gorgeous and can pose their asses off,” said Banks. “That’s a difficult model to be in a shot with .… Not all of my models prevailed. Valentina killed it. I’m sitting there editing film and I’m like, can I get a shot of my girls looking at least half as good as Valentina?”

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Including girls from the Drag Race franchise is a full-circle moment for the reality television universe, as Top Model largely served as a blueprint for what Drag Race went on to become ― a hybrid, of sorts, of Top Model and Project Runway.

In fact, Drag Race Season three winner Raja worked as a makeup artist on Top Model long before producers even conceptualized RuPaul’s Drag Race... with Raja even appearing in Tyra drag in one episode.

America’s New Top Model Cycle 24 is slated to premiere on Jan 9, 2018 on VH1.

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