Allies strike back

When people with power bully it gives permission to others to do it.

by Mahkesha Hogg
LGBTQ Black Issues Columnist

At first, I was going to name this article Cupids for Kim, but instead of focusing on pouring love into her hateful soul, I’ve decided to focus on the fast reacting black allies that wasted no time in responding to her hate speech. Most of the time, I’m speaking about loving each other but I got enraged when I heard what she said about my family. That’s my LBGTQ family that she implied should die in 2017.

 Recently, pastor and gospel singer Kim Burrell stated in one of her sermons that homosexuality was perverted and anyone fighting this gay spirit should ask God to help them fight it. One of her audience members recorded the sermon - I mean hate speech - on Facebook live and it received over 10,000 likes. I totally agree with Meryl Streep when she stated that when people with power bully it gives permission to others to do it. It is dangerous.

Most black people go to church and most black people believe in the words of their faith leaders. Kim validated the views of homophobes and once again used the Bible as a weapon.

Well I got something to say to you Kim. You are essentially calling little children who have had same-sex attraction as early as the age of four, perverts. So, am I a pervert because I was attracted to boys in preschool?

But she would probably think my attraction was “holy” because I’m straight and it happened at a Christian preschool. Actually, I think you are the pervert. Anyone who cares about what people do with their genitals is a pervert. You are promoting bullying underneath a huge denomination of Pentecostal. But her voice is small in comparison to all the allies that struck back with a response denouncing her statements.

Pharrell Williams, who actually recorded a song with Burrell for the movie Hidden Figures, said that there is no room for any kind of hate in 2017. Pharrell appeared on Ellen alone instead of appearing with Burrell. After Burrell’s statements, Ellen canceled her appearance. Some of the actresses from the movie denounced her statements as well. In my personal opinion, the most important rejection came from fellow gospel singer Yolanda Adams in which she proudly proclaimed to have gay friends and family and that we will be known by our love. The legendary Chaka Khan even chimed in, on twitter, calling Kim’s words “selective morality”.

I honestly couldn’t say that we would see this many black celebrities responding in favor of LGBTQ people had it been ten years ago or even seven years ago. With nationally recognized marriage equality and more people of color coming out of the closet, it hits people closer to home. It is time for ministers to stop using the pulpit for bullying. If you do, you have an army of allies coming for ya.

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