"Assassins" Review

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by Emma Rose Kraus
Journalism Intern

There is nothing better than a musical by Stephen Sondheim, and what could be more appropriate a performance after a particularly divisive election cycle than a musical about the presidents’ assassins?

Assassins is not a musical supporting the killing of presidents, but instead it takes a closer look at what unchecked rage and misguided fury can push people to do destroying not only their lives but those of people all over the world.

Through the stories of the United States presidents’ killers and almost-assassins, Sondheim’s musical gives a much-needed commentary on how far people can go when they do not feel heard.

A DMV waiting room sets the stage for the stories of the cast of killers, and almost killers, to play out through quick dialogue and moving musical numbers in this production by Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma.

Each member of the cast plays their part well, with outstanding performances by Lyn Cramer as Sara Jane Moore, Greg White as Leon Czologosz and D. Lance Marsh as Samuel Byck.

The action is quick and amusing and, more often than not, extremely moving and the songs are dark while still being enjoyable and funny. Whether one is a history buff or just in need of some exceptional local entertainment, this is definitely a good choice.

While the show is wonderful for adults, you may want to leave the kids home for this one as it deals heavily with topics that many parents may find unsuitable for younger audiences.

Further warnings include frequent use of strong language, multiple realistic depictions of firearms onstage, drug use and frequent loud noises that may be shocking to some. There is also no intermission during this short musical, so if you do decide to attend remember to use the bathroom and grab a snack before curtain.

Each performance also features a 30-minute, post-show talkback with Lyric staff members including Lyric’s Producing Artistic Director, Michael Baron.

With a wide range of characters and personalities Assassinsis a show that any adult should relate to, even if they have never wanted to “kill a president.”

ASSASSINS is playing at Lyric at the Plaza Feb. 8 - 26 at 7:30 p.m., for tickets and additional information call 405.524.9312.

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