Australian war on marriage equality continues with this joke

Photo via Twitter.

The past few weeks have brought Australia to the forefront of LGBT+ individuals' attentions worldwide. 

While it seems as though the fight to gain marriage equality will finally be secured, conservative groups are continuing their onslaught. 

The latest attack? This advertisement. 

Photo via Twitter.

Through its use of a seatbelt analogy, the mailer tries to explain how marriage between LGBT+ individuals is bad.

The mailer says, “Only one of these is a REAL seatbelt. Only one of these is a REAL marriage. It’s biology not bigotry.”

Naturally, many are finding the advertisement ridiculous as the picture above portrays.

Further frustrating is the fact that the seatbelt graphics were taken from a Royal Dutch Airlines pro-LGBT+ ad. While the ad is being seen as tacky by some, national reports don't expect the onslaught to stop until a decision is reached.

Photo provided.

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