Butler football player the latest athlete to come out

Xavier Colvin. Photo via David Woods.

From Darrion McAlister with Marian University center to Michael Sam a Missouri linebacker, athletes are feeling more comfortable opening up about their sexuality. 

The most recent addition is Butler University linebacker Xavier Colvin. Colvin, the son of Purdue star Roosevelt Colvin, told his coach and teammates that he is gay. So far, responses have been positive.

According to reports, Jeff Voris, Colvin’s coach, said that Colvin being gay is a “non-issue.”

A fellow football player, Duvante Lane, vocalized that Colvin should not worry about his sexuality harming relationships with other players.

“When we come to play this game together, we cry together, we bleed together, we sweat together,” stated Lane in an IndyStastory. “So I think it’s far deeper than one of those things like sexuality or race or something. We’re tightly bonded by becoming a part of this community and team.”

For a while, Colvin feared coming out and felt restricted because of his secret. Now, Colvin is finding relief living as his true self.

“I just kept it to myself because it was in the best interest of me at the time,” said Colvin. “Because I was still trying to figure myself out. I mean, I still am now trying to figure myself out. So I have a long way to go to figure out the man I truly am. This is a step in the right direction.”

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