Carroll school administrators investigating bullying texts

Messages were printed out and left on the windshields of the school football coach and other players' vehicles. Carroll Community School District logo.

CARROLL, Iowa (AP) — The Carroll schools superintendent says administrators are investigating bullying text messages written by students last week about a gay classmate chosen for the homecoming court.

Carroll Community Schools Superintendent Rob Cordes told The Carroll Daily Times Herald ( ) that administrators were talking with students included in group text messages and would decide how to respond.

Cordes learned of the messages after they were printed out and left on windshields of the school's football coach's car and other players' vehicles.

Some of those receiving the texts were football players.

Among the texts were comments that the gay student should kill himself.

Cordes says the incident falls within the school's anti-bullying and anti-harassment policy.

He says some students involved are remorseful and wish they'd acted differently, but "you can't un-ring the bell."


Information from: Daily Times Herald.

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