Christine Hallquist could be country's first transgender governor

Christine Hallquist. Photo provided.

Across the country citizens are casting their votes for both local and national government. For many states today, their legislature could drastically change.

For former energy company CEO and Vermont Democratic candidate, Christine Hallquist, today is when she discovers if she’ll be the country’s first transgender governor.

In August, Hallquist won the primary in her state. However, polls show she’s behind her opponent, Republican candidate Phil Scott and the odds are not entirely in her favor.

The candidate cast her vote earlier today and tonight the entire country will find out the overall results.

Throughout her campaign, many have recognized the historical significance of her possible win.

However, Hallquist is more focused on winning the election and making her state a better place for its citizens.

“In Vermont, I’m going to get elected because of what I do for Vermonters,” she told The Daily Beat.

Were she to win, Hallquist would be the highest-ranking transgender official in America because she would be the only transgender member in Congress.

According to The New York Times, Hallquist is not the only LGBTQ+ person running for office in this election. In Colorado openly gay candidate, Jared Polis is running for governor, bisexual Oregon governor Kate Brown is up for reelection and Lupe Valdez is running in Texas and would be the first lesbian governor in the United States.

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