Club Majestic: Tulsa’s melting pot

Club Majestic logo. Photo provided.

by Victoria Backle
Staff Writer

If you are looking for a place that is all-inclusive, friendly and a strong advocate for the community – look no further than Tulsa’s Club Majestic.

Club Majestic is nestled in the Brady Arts District in downtown Tulsa. Live events, drag shows and a place for everyone to be themselves are what the club prides itself on.

“We are a melting pot,” said manager and activist, Chris Shoaf. “Not just for LGBTQ persons, but for all kinds of people of different ethnicities and gender fluids. We are a very diverse bar.”

Inside Club Majestic. Photo provided.

The club offers a host of events that cater to diversity. On Thursday nights, Club Majestic has an open call for amateur talent which allows its patrons to perform freely and be judged by the audience. On Sundays, the amateur talent night gives people the opportunity to perform without competition to provide a way for performers to get their names out.

Aside from all the fun they’re having, Club Majestic and its management are all about education and outreach.

“Pretty much everyone who has been here for three or four years has gone through a seminar teaching them about HIV outreach and methods of treatment.” Shoaf asserted. “We want to make sure we are up to date on understanding HIV, that way, when we hear things stigmatizing in the bar, we can educate them.”

Shoaf himself has been active in the community, advocating for stronger education in Oklahoma as well as awareness for LGBTQ people. Although the club itself does not participate in politics, the manager made it clear that they are supportive of every ethnicity, sexual orientation and religion. Their arms are open to the entire Tulsa community in hopes that their open-mindedness and kindness will be contagious in the city.

For those who are curious about the club, they are striving to make it a safe and fun place for everyone - a place where you can feel your horizons broaden upon walking in the door – and a place where there can be a common understanding from everyone that there is no need for stigmatization.

Shoaf concluded, “If you come into The Majestic, you’re going to see people of all ethnicities and sexual orientations. We knock down stereotypes about LGBTQ people and even stereotypes about Middle-Eastern people. There’s a great deal of stigma people have for others who aren’t like them, we want to help change that.”

Club Majestic is a one-stop-shop for good times, great people and a freedom to be oneself. The club is located at 124 N. Boston Ave. in Tulsa. To learn more about this inclusive club, check them out on their Facebook page called Club Majestic Tulsa or just stop in and have a great night!

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