Does your money matter?

Kevin Miller and Sundy Corbin along with Kelly Kirby (not pictured) will present an "Estate Planning, Financial and Tax Strategies" seminar. Photo by Robin Dorner.

DBA and local business professionals offer help

Our community has particularly difficult issues when we consider making plans for our finances. Setting specific guidelines for what is important for you and your families is essential, since laws concerning these topics could result in a fiasco for your partner or loved ones when proper planning is not in place.

Cimarron Alliance and The Diversity Business Association (DBA) in OKC will provide, at no charge, an opportunity to learn more about “Estate Planning, Financial and Tax Strategies" specific to the LGBT community. All are invited on Thursday, January 16th, to a “Post DOMA” educational seminar about this very topic.

“Our goal is to educate people as to the state of what the LGBT community is facing,” said Kevin Miller, an Oklahoma Estate Planning attorney, DBA member and one of the sponsors of the event.

“People seems to have a general idea, but do not know specifically need for estate planning, and there are specific rules in Oklahoma; specific rules and documents they will need.

“Like for example, many clients are going to New York or Iowa here, getting their license changed here, but Oklahoma won’t recognize it. Most people know that, but most people don’t know what will happen if they die or become incapacitated.”

Cimarron, DBA and Miller have teamed up with other sponsors and speakers for the event such as Kelly Kirby, CPA, Sundy Corbin of Mass Mutual and The Gayly to help get the word out about this important event. It is free and open to the public and lunch is provided by Robert Painter and the Iguana.

“What has changed the most for the upcoming year tax returns are for married lesbian and gay couples,” said Oklahoma CPA, Kelly Kirby. “The federal IRS released revenue ruling that said that if you are married in any [legal] jurisdiction, then you must file as a married person weather your state legally recognizes it or not.

“People who are married are to file married weather Oklahoma recognizes it or not.

“As far as I am concerned, the federal is the bigger deal and Oklahoma is pushing back against that. They want people to file single – that is a violation of state statues. The vote in 2004 is when they voted the definition of marriage, rather than how to file taxes.”

Kirby has specialized in tax preparation for the LGBT community for more than 30 years.

Miller added that in an opposite sex marriage, there are rights that come to you by default, but not if you are same sex. “The ultimate goal is to bring awareness and education to the LGBT community so that you can protect yourself while you are of the mind so in the future you can protect yourself. There are more things to know about this than you might think and it’s best to be prepared.”

Sundy Corbin of Mass Mutual said “The Constitutional provisions in Oklahoma allow state law not to recognize the out of state marriage. Your cars, homes and other valuables may be lost unless you have the proper planning in place.

“Without proper paperwork or being married, if your partner is in the hospital, you could get shut out of being at the bedside while they are sick or dying.”

Sponsors include that this information is vital for single people too.

The Honorable Justice Noma D. Gurich will give a private tour of the Judicial Center immediately following the presentation.

The event will be held at the OK Judicial Center at 2100 N. Lincoln OKC, OK (park west of building in free public parking lot) on Jan. 16th from 12noon to 1pm. You must RSVP by Jan 9th to KJ Brown at or call 405-495-9300 x 307.

by Robin Dorner, Editor in Chief

The Gayly – January 9, 2014 @ 9:10am