Don’t mark off fitness as an essential part of your holiday agenda

by Christopher B. Robrahn
Fitness Contributor

Last month I started a conversation about fitness during the holidays. I used the months of November and December together as “the holidays.” Here’s Part Two.

First, daylight savings time mixes things up, then time to plan for Thanksgiving. Plenty of travel, family time, holiday parties and stress as December moves along. Time is limited, time for exercise and health-related needs suddenly get relegated as “extras” instead of an essential part of your daily activities.

Think for a minute, your health and wellness are critical. Promise yourself right now a special gift this holiday. Make your own health a priority.

I know, nice suggestion, right? But in this season of shopping, rushing, eating and socializing, you may think, “Maybe the best thing to do is just shelve it until January?”

Don’t make that mistake. Most people are aware that a December void of exercise can mean packing on the weight, depending on eating habits at parties. Extra and damaging stress, depression and even the winter blues can all be mitigated with exercise.

If you are absolutely obligated to a set of social obligations with work, family, friends or other activities, stop right now and plan.

Planning for the holidays is a great defense. Evaluate your time requirements. Even if you cannot commit the amount of gym time you did earlier in the fall, devise (either on your own or with a trainer) a holiday workout plan for December. This consists of a workout schedule based on your time and hitting all the major points so that you can skate through the holidays in style and with your health.

I realize some people plan not to fill their plates at parties. Even I melt when I see some of those goodies at some parties. Just try and keep it limited.

I’ve found that implementing a plan and giving some consideration prior is so helpful in life. Apply it to your fitness. When the New Year arrives, don’t do like many people do with a startup back to exercise, but rather change it up, based on a new plan after another reassessment of your goals.

If you follow this advice - and I hope you do - Christmas morning you will have a gift you cannot open, but you can sure feel. You will have given yourself the gift of fitness. More than that, you will know you have truly approached this holiday season in a way that shows a respect for yourself and your long-term health.

Best wishes for an awesome Christmas and the gift of fitness for your new year!

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