Editorial asks what Yoder meant about his Democratic rival knowing Kansas 'values'

Kevin Yoder. Photo provided by Kevin Yoder.

The Kansas City Star editorial board wrote an op-ed Wednesday calling out GOP Rep. Kevin Yoder for comments he made about his Democratic rival, Sharice Davids. Yoder told the crowd during his primary election night celebration that Davids and her primary challenger Brent Walder, didn't "know Kansas" or represent its values.

Davids, nor her challenger in the Democratic primary Brent Welder, "know Kansas," Yoder told the crowd on the night of the state's primary races. "They don't know our values."

Before it was clear Davids had won her primary, Yoder said of the two that "neither of them are from here, and both want to force their radical ideas on those of use who have dedicated our entire lives to this community and this state." Video of his speech was posted on the Kansas City Star's website.

The editorial board disputed Yoder's assertions by noting that Davids graduated from a community college in the district she's running to represent and graduated from high school in nearby Leavenworth, Kansas.

"As a graduate of Leavenworth High, where she lived until her single mom retired from the Army there, and of Johnson County Community College, yes, she is from around here," the editorial said.

The editorial board went on to say, "We hope (Yoder) wasn't talking about the fact that she'd be the first Native American woman elected to Congress and the first openly LGBT person to represent Kansas."

"There is still more voters will need to know about this first-time candidate, and we are a long way from deciding on an endorsement in this fall's 3rd District race," the op-ed said. "But the values we saw in her included the pragmatism that she said would compel her to focus on fighting corporate tax giveaways and delivering health care for her constituents instead of on impeaching the president."

Neither Davids, nor Yoder, have responded to a CNN request for comment yet.

On Thursday, Yoder continued to attack Davids for not living in the district "for most of her life."

"Sharice Davids is out of touch with this district. She hasn't voted or lived in #KS03 for most of her life, and the first time she ever voted in a Democratic congressional primary election here was Tuesday," Yoder tweeted.

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