Embrace Your Geekness Day brings out the geek in everyone

by Jordan Redman
Staff Writer

No matter what your fandom, say it loud and proud on Embrace Your Geekness Day, celebrated on July 13.

But what is, Embrace Your Geekness Day?

Wellcat Holidays organized the holiday, stating “we all should be proud of the things that define us, and little defines us as much as those things we’re passionate about.”

It continues, saying, “Geekdom brings people together, whether they’re sharing their love of a mutual fandom, or talking about their fandoms to inspire others to check it out, they love community. Some of the most amazing costuming and tech gadgets have been put together by people inspired by the shows, stories, and games they love.

“That’s the power of being in touch with your imagination, and it’s what Embrace Your Geekness Day is all about,” described the official Embrace Your Geekness Day website.

There are no rules for celebrating, but the website provides some suggestions.

“If you have a fandom you’ve been hiding in a closet, don’t let it sit there unloved anymore. Get out into the world and wear your favorite shows t-shirt, talk to your friends about the stuff you love, maybe even try an art project.

“Embrace Your Geekness Day reminds us we’re not alone in our Geekness, and the world is a better place for our bright showing of imagination, creativity, and pride. Now get out there and get your geek on!”

The Gayly asked a bunch of geeks to describe what they geek out over. There was a little bit of everything included in the mix.

One Kansas reader described his love for comic books. “I like them because they can show what the characters emotions are and can express them more than some books.”

Another explained how video games help him deal with the pain he feels in real life.

Mattie Gibson said, “Video games allow me to lead a different life from my real one. I am constantly in pain, as I have a rare form of nerve entrapment in my abdomen and it can’t be cured.

“These games allow me to lead a different life. One where I’m not ill, and I’m able to lose myself in the story as a distraction.”

Aricles James of Pauls Valley, Oklahoma dove into the world of all things animated. “Spiderman the animated series? I'm down. Anime. Steven Universe. Fan made. YouTube/web series. Or Studio Ghibli classics.”

They described cartoons as “a break from reality. Some of them seem like simple, silly fun, but they talk about important issues like family, relationships, friends, trust--it can be therapeutic or at least relaxing.”

Dan Wright from Norman, Oklahoma described his first movie experience as…a geeky one. “My first movie when I was less than a year old was watching Star Wars with my mom.”

Also, Wright finds solace in playing a tabletop role-playing (RPG) game which is set in a gothic horror world, Vampire: The Masquerade.

For him, the game “focuses more on story and intrigue. It has elements that ask you questions about what it means to be human and the eventual loss of that humanity.”

The game has also brought him closer with friends, “I've played with people. Having a good gaming experience with others is a great way to build memories with them.

“Almost every gamer I know has those moments with their friends ‘Remember the time we were playing that RPG and this happened? That was so great!’”

Joey Rodman, queer, wife and mother went as far as to name her kids after Star Trek characters. “Kathryn after Kathryn Janeway and Annika who was 7 of 9's name before the Borg got her. Voyager was on while I was pregnant,” explained the science communicator.

Embrace Your Geekness Day gives all geeks an opportunity to geek out over their geeky pleasures, though each act of geekiness means something entirely different to each geek. (Side note, how many times can I use a variation of the word “geek” in one paragraph?)

For more information, visit www.geek.com. On July 13, tweet us your picture celebrating Embrace Your Geekness Day, find us @TheGayly.

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