First bisexual superhero makes debut in Thor: Ragnarok

Valkyrie played by Tessa Thompson. Photo provided.

Valkyrie, the warrior hero, is played by Tessa Thompson. 

Thor: Ragnarok will contain Marvel's first bisexual film superhero. The character, a renegade warrior hero, is bisexual in the comics.

Thompson confirmed she brought that sexuality into her acting choices on-screen. 

Tessa Thompson confirms her character is bisexual in upcoming film, Thor: Ragnarok.

Thompson confirms that while her character is bisexual, it's not "explicitly addressed" in the movie.

Thompson confirms her character's sexuality is not "explicitly addressed" in the film.

In March, the yellow Power Ranger was announced to be the first bisexual superhero for a franchise film. 

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Thor: Ragnarok opens November 2.

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