Fitness expert Shaun T and husband announce twins on the way

Shaun T (left) and his husband Scott Blokker, with their surrogate. Twitter pic.

Celebrity fitness expert Shaun T and his husband Scott Blokker announced they are having twins via surrogate. The couple celebrated their fifth anniversary last week.

“On Saturday evening, the fitness guru, 39, posted a video to Instagram in which they used a poem to announce the news,” reported

The poem read: “Some things come easy, some things take time / Struggles can be real, but with them you’ll find / Things happen for a reason. Sometimes you never know why / But never give up and remember it’s OK to cry / 5 years of challenges, 5 years of wait / Ups, downs in emotion, painful blows we’d take / But we learned to stay the course, hope and prayer wins / and we’re happy to finally announce…. we’re having twins!” The poem text was provided by

“I wanted to tell people a long time ago because I like to live in the emotion of the excitement, but because our journey has been so long, hard and emotionally draining.” Scott wanted to wait to protect me from the possibility of another let down,” he explained to People of the events leading up to the announcement.

“I decided that I wouldn't push the issue and wait for Scott to decide when it was time for us," Shaun T adds. "So he came home one day and said, 'I think I’m ready to tell our fans.’ I was super excited and relieved. We love simple but effective and emotional announcements, and so a poem with flash cards was the perfect plan.”

The fitness trainer and author of T Is for Transformation tells People that he and Blokker were so excited to tell their fans — whom they knew would be ‘ecstatic’ about the news.

“We were flying home from a work trip talking about when and how we would announce it," says Shaun T, noting that the couple’s surrogate will be 28 weeks pregnant on Monday.

“We wanted to keep it simple [and] fun but also talk about how struggle is real, and if you keep your focus and never give up, your dreams will come true," he insists. "Our journey to have a family is the essence of that,” the People report concluded.

You can read the full People story here.

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