Fulfilling the male fantasy: The exploitation of girl on girl intimacy

Persephone Love. Photo provided.

by Jordan Redman
Staff Writer

Strippers provide a unique form of entertainment. For some, it’s as simple as having a pretty girl pay attention to you, regardless if you are paying for her attention.

For others, it’s having their fantasy unravel in front of them. What was once just an image on a computer screen or magazine article is now real. The stripper is a living, breathing fantasy.

Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals, sociologist, and author of Exposure: A Sociologist Explores Sex, Society, and Adult Entertainment said, “Concerning strip clubs, men attend for reasons from fulfilling a fantasy to loneliness. Some people just feel more comfortable in sexual environments opposed to say, a coffee shop.”

Fulfilling a fantasy is the reason strippers have jobs, right? But how much of that fantasy is exploration and how much of it is exploitation?

The Gayly spoke with two strippers. ‘Persephone Love’ of Double D Saloon in Oklahoma City, and one from Kansas City who wishes to remain anonymous. She provided the stage name ‘Kitty.’

The Gayly asked both girls if they feel like strippers are forced to pretend to be whatever they need to be to adhere to their client’s fantasy.

Persephone said “Nobody is forced to pretend; however, a lot of girls do. I like to be myself because I feel like that’s how I make the most money. The guys aren’t stupid; they can tell who’s genuine and who’s not. I mean the whole thing is about sexual fantasy, and it’s really hard to pretend you’re into a guy that looks like he could be your great grandpa.”

Kitty had a different take, saying “Yeah. We are whatever your wife won’t be. We are your angel or slut, depending on what you like.”

Both have been asked to partake in “girl on girl” performances on stage.

Persephone explained, “There are plenty of times guys will give us money to go tip other girls on stage, or we will ask if we can tip the girls just to help the other girls make money. Plus, it’s kind of fun, I do like to play with females on stage because I find them beautiful and fun.”

Kitty said “Yeah. When we work the stage together, the guys get more into it if we interreact with one and other. The girls know it’s a good way to make more money.”

Their answers pose the question, who is exploiting who? If men are visiting strip clubs to fulfill a fantasy by paying women to pretend to be whoever they want, is it the customer who is exploited by the stripper, or the stripper who is exploited by the customer?

Persephone clarified, “I would say most situations are mutually beneficial. Men like women because they’re beautiful or pretty or sexy, and we love them because they have lots of money. The more money you have, the more popular you are in the strip club, and the more attention you will get.

“But it goes both ways. There are a lot of men who will come in and not spend a dime on girls, sit there and drink dollar beers and get a free show. I can’t say I feel bad for giving more attention to the customers who spend the most money. We don’t get paid hourly, its tips and lap dances only.”

Kitty declared, “They’re using us, so we use them. Fuck ‘em.”

Persephone and Kitty share a profession but differ in sexual orientation. Persephone identifies as straight, while Kitty identifies as a lesbian. 

Both have strong opinions on straight women who partake in girl on girl acts for stripping.

Persephone said, “I think it’s mainly for the audience’s reactions and the money that follows. We’re all attention whores, and most will do ridiculous things just for the attention alone. I have seen girls wedge beer bottles between their ass cheeks and dance around like a circus animal for a few dollars. Some girls really enjoy it, but I think we’re borderline bisexual.”

Kitty explained, “There are plenty of straight women who pretend to like pu**y [girls] to squeeze every cent they can out of the clients. There are lots of straight women who only take lap dances for other women because they feel more comfortable than dancing on a dirty old geezer. There are also lots of straight women in porn doing girl on girl scenes because it’ll give them a bigger paycheck.

“It’s shi**y though. I know pretending to be into girls when you’re not can be tiring. Just like pretending to be into guys is tiring. It all plays into how much you are willing to do for your tips at the end of the night.”

The reoccurring theme is clear; money is the motivation. Both women are willing to subject themselves to be whatever the next fantasy is, regardless of whether that fantasy adheres to their sexual attractions. 

The Gayly. April 26, 2018. 10:27 a.m. CST.