Gay ambassador appointee made derogatory comments about women

Richard Grenell. Photo provided.

At the beginning of September, President Trump nominated Richard Grenell for the ambassador position in Germany.

Considering Trump’s track record with the LGBT+ community, this selection was surprising as Grenell is a gay man. You can read more about him and the selection here.

However, Grenell is now being called out due to derogatory tweets he made. Some of the insults were even aimed at figures like Rachel Maddow and Hillary Clinton.

One tweet he made in reference to Maddow said she, “just needs to breath and put on a necklace.” In another tweet, Grenell said Maddow looked like Justin Bieber.

While Grenell has responded to backlash by saying the tweets were simply jokes, many are not buying his excuse as the tweets are all solely aimed at attacking women.

Considering Germany is led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, a woman, Grenell could be in for more than he bargained according to his Twitter history.

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