The Gayly teams up with CNN

Since The Gayly media source came back into publication in 2011, there has been constant improvement to enhance readers’ experience, both in print and digitally.

In 2013, The Gayly became a member of the Associated Press to better keep readers informed of news happening that would have an impact upon the LGBT+ community in our five-state region, the country and the world.

In keeping with the quest to provide better and more entertaining content, The Gayly is proud to announce our new affiliation with CNN, effective October 1, 2017.

“We expect this partnership to provide richer content for the enjoyment of our readers in the form of more videos and award-winning journalistic coverage of our region and beyond,” said Ken Townsend, The Gayly CFO. “This partnership also gives The Gayly access to share our own exclusive content and videos with the rest of the world via uploads to our shared platform with CNN.

“Happenings in the LGBT+ community in our region will now have the opportunity to have a worldwide audience.”

Besides news content, The Gayly provides entertainment coverage throughout our region. You can find plays, ballets, symphonies, concerts and many major special events on the pages of The Gayly or on the website,

The monthly newspaper provides helpful information about LGBT+ life as it applies to our day to day lives. Look for everything from health news to gardening tips and great new recipes from the remarkable Chef Scotty Irani.

The Gayly website covers daily and breaking LGBT+ news throughout our region, the nation and around the world. Download and follow The Gayly on our new app.

“Visit us often and enter to win prizes in our many giveaway contests,” added Townsend. “The latest is our ‘Jewelry Heist’ where we are giving away choices of 14 carat gold bracelets, diamond earrings or a gorgeous Belair watch to three lucky contestants.”

The Gayly has many platforms available for our readers to gain access to interesting and entertaining content. Pick up a copy of The Gayly at hundreds of locations in the region, visit or The Gayly app and explore the rich content.

You can also find The Gayly on social media; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@thegayly).

One of several new features coming in 2018 includes a major website platform upgrade that will further enhance The Gayly’s ability to provide richer and faster content.

“New web features such as an LGBT+ friendly business guide highlighting businesses that are welcoming to the community will be among many of the newly planned features coming up,” Townsend asserted. “Look for these improvements as they roll out in 2018.”

Your comments on what you would like to see in The Gayly in 2018 are welcome.

“We look forward to our partnership with CNN and will continue to look for ways to improve and enhance the experience for you, the reader,” Townsend said in closing.

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