Genital herpes: Get the facts

There is a lot of false information about genital herpes in online forums. Graphic provided.

(Sarasota, Fla.) PRNewswire - "Everything is so confusing about herpes, all the doctors and people online have different opinions ... so much gray area," said one forum user. Online forums present people with a lot of myths about genital herpes (HSV) that endanger the public.

Many people falsely write that genital herpes "can easily be cured by homeopathic medicine and remedies." Other people still believe that sleeping with many people causes herpes; "I've been with a lot more people than she has, so odds are that I was the one who had it [herpes]."

One post wrongly declared: "Be glad you're not gay. Plenty of gay guys have anal herpes." Some people on forums still think that they can get herpes from a toilet seat.] Another post suggested that "...constant washing of your genitals would help."

Some said that antibodies in the blood against the virus can cause the infection; "Certainly you could have gotten passively antibodies to HSV2 from someone else's blood during one of your transfusions."

Another post wrote, "My OH [other half] has the cold sores on his face so will never get the genital herpes. Cause I have genital herpes I will never get herpes on my face."

Finally, there are many unproven remedies mentioned in these forums, for example: "I found having a large slice of pineapple everyday helped me, and when I feel an outbreak [or herpes] coming on I increase the pineapple."

According to the Genital Herpes Patient Education Series published by Brown University Health Services: "Sorting out fact from misinformation is the first step in managing herpes infection." This is why Lilac Corp has created a web page where people can find trusted medical information on genital herpes.

In answering common questions on genital herpes, Lilac Corp used scientific facts reported in the most recent scientific papers published in the leading scientific journals. Some of the questions answered are the following:

  • I am pregnant and have genital herpes. Will my baby catch it?
  • Can my genital herpes affect my fertility?
  • Can herpes really cause seizures?
  • What does the typical cycle of a herpes outbreak look like?
  • What are the tests for herpes? How reliable are they?

The answers also give people the knowledge they need to approach healthcare professionals and doctors.

To find the scientific facts on genital herpes, go to  If you believe that you or someone you know has genital herpes, seek medical advice from a doctor or healthcare professional.

The Gayly – September 25, 2017 @ 12 p.m. CDT.