Get a buzz on National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day is Sept. 29!

by Robin Dorner
Editor in Chief

Who doesn’t love a good rush of caffeine? For many of us, that morning cup of joe sets the tone for the day. And besides, coffee is an integral part of our culture, especially with all the new flavors and blends these days.

Annually, National Coffee Day is held on September 29. A day when coffee lovers can rejoice and enjoy a good buzz all day long with purpose.

If you have switched from coffee to tea, that’s fine; you can still get your “buzz on.” My research found that tea leaves have more caffeine than coffee beans before they are brewed.

However, prepared tea is diluted quite a bit more than most coffees. I found the average caffeine level in the cups of tea (black English style teas) was 40mg vs. 105mg in the average cup of drip coffee. The amount of caffeine in coffee or tea depends on several factors, including the method and length of brewing or steeping. Still, plenty of caffeine to wake your neurons.

It doesn’t take a lot of caffeine to affect. A big cup of coffee can have more than 300 milligrams (mg) of caffeine. But even 40 mg of caffeine, about the amount in a cup of tea or a can of soda, will give most people a subtle boost, according to

The National Coffee Day website tells us that if it weren’t for the Boston Tea Party of 1773, Americans may never have adopted coffee as their national morning beverage of choice. When the colonies revolted against King George III’s reduction of the tea tax, this sparked a mass switch from tea-drinking to coffee-drinking. More than two centuries later, America is collectively buzzing from its massive coffee intake.

Further, coffee is purportedly good for your brain; it isn’t just a beverage that perks us up. It actually helps our brains produce dopamine and adrenaline, thereby improving our capacity to remember things. Studies show that regular coffee consumption can reduce the likelihood of developing dementia by as much as 65 percent.

Maybe you like Starbucks, maybe your palate is not as picky, and that delicious (and less expensive) cup of joe at McDonald’s may suit you just fine. I prefer local coffee shops or diner’s because they are more about community, and I like to support local businesses.

However, since free coffee tastes much better, some companies give away free coffee each year. I checked with most of the chain stores (McDonald’s, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Krispy Cream, Loves Country Stores and On Cue), and some of them will be giving a small coffee away on National Coffee Day. Check your local branch for details, they said.

So, on Sept. 29, fill your cup with joe and raise a toast to America’s favorite caffeine fix for National Coffee Day.

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