Give your health and fitness a spring upgrade

by Christopher B. Robrahn
Fitness Columnist

Spring is just around the corner. How are you faring with 2018 improvements in your health and fitness? Many people start an exercise program in January with some specific exercise goals saying, “this year will be different.”

Some will have already stopped exercising or have had their good intentions short-circuited by diversions, work and burnout. A few are still working to improve their overall health and visit a gym or take time in their weekly routine to set aside time for exercise at home.

Time for a review since many trainers and other fitness professionals don’t start with or revisit the big picture. Remind yourself the main reason for exercise is to improve your health and wellness and enjoy doing it. You should incorporate fitness into your lifestyle daily or exercise will seem like work. Don’t ever forget why you do it and embrace the effort and results of your hard work.

Exercise is only part of the picture. Improvement in daily nutrition is critical to your health and maintaining good wellness, good attitude, positive vibes and balance. Remember to save time for meditation. In a review of your day, these things all add to the big picture of good health.

For those people who aren’t into fitness, had no time or just didn’t want to start an exercise program during the winter, spring is anew. Anytime is the right time for action to improve your fitness.

Congrats to those who started a plan in January and have followed through.

Even those of us who work out consistently now can be a great time to modify your program. Changing your fitness plan is essential, and I have some ideas. Spring is coming, why not change up your fitness to reflect the warming weather and a fresh approach?

So, what can you do?

First, move it outdoors. If you have a home gym or do a portion of your workouts at home as I do, plan to do some of your workout outdoors on the deck or patio area. Nothing helps more to a positive attitude than enjoying some warm weather and enjoying the sounds of early spring.

Second, for those working at the gym, do a complete changeup. Add pool time or take a group class to provide some fresh input and activity to your spring schedule. For those of you strictly into weight training, modify it with cables, machines or even a different brand of weights, as simple as that sounds. Change the location of where you work out in the gym. Anything can add to a fresh approach.

Third, add walking or jogging; time to slim down. If you can’t make the time to go to a gym or a home gym plan, do something very basic; go walking. Take your dog or a friend and just start walking daily. I feel better when I walk. I promise, your physical and mental wellness will improve.

Spring is here folks. Ready to make it an awesome season? More next month.

This column is part one of two parts.

The Gayly. March 22, 2018. 9:49 a.m. CST.