Golden State Warriors player Jarron Collins addresses LGBT caucus as ally

Jason and Jarron Collins address LGBT caucus in Philadelphia today. Photo by Robin Dorner,

by Sara Ritsch
Staff Writer

Two special guests at the Democratic LGBT caucus meeting spoke about the issues facing the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community Tuesday in Philadelphia. Jason Collins, the first openly gay professional athlete in the United States, and his younger brother by only eight minutes, Jarron.

Jason Collins garnered media attention when he came out as gay after the 2012-2013 season, while Jarron plays for the Golden State Warriors. Jarron is a straight ally and an advocate for LGBT rights.

Jarron stated affectionately, "I love my brother, I support my brother, I’m there for him, I have his back; and to the LGBT community, I want you guys to know I have your back as well."

When speaking of his brother’s support for the LGBT community, Jason recalled an incident at a Golden State Warriors game. What seemed to be an innocent joke involving a Kiss Cam and two teammates really was a harmful joke with homophobic undertones.

Jarron brought up this issue and cursed at the cameramen when they tried to dismiss it. Jason defended his brother in return, and the president of the Warriors organization called him, apologized and promised it would never happen again.

Jason went on to say, “Yes it takes a community, but it also takes allies, and Hillary Clinton is that ally for our community. When she becomes our president, we will have a friend in the White House just as we do with President Obama.”

The Collins brothers also spoke of their long friendship with Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea and stated that she was both “real and caring.”

Austin Stallings contributed to this report.
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