Hysterical video: Eric Trump defends his father

Eric Trump on "Hannity." Cafe.com video.

Gayly Editorial

On a recent episode of Fox News Chanel’s Hannity, Eric Trump boldly defended his father, President Donald Trump.

“An anchor on CNN called my father a piece of…,” Trump told Sean Hannity, who replied with, “A piece of sshhhhhh…” (Oh, my. Don’t say a naughty word, Sean).

“Look at that POS comment that you made. You might be an opinionated person, right? But you don’t use profanity,” the young Trump stated sternly.

Clips immediately pop up of the President saying, “They’re gonna sue his ass off, “Beat the shit out of them,” “Ripping the shit out of the sea,” “The son-of-a-bitch,” “Raise that fuckin’ price,” “We’ll see you mother fuckers.”

We can’t feel bad about putting this in writing, right? After all, they are the words spoken by the leader of the free world.

“You’re not a child when it comes to calling people names,” said the younger Trump.

Clips of dear old dad pop up with him saying, “Lyin’ Ted, lyin’ Ted. L-Y-E-N.,” “Little Marco,” “Crooked Hillary.”

“I mean, the manners…the the the the lack of morals in society is awful."

Up comes a clip of ‘The Donald’ and his infamous one-liner, “Grab ‘em by the pussy.”

“And honestly, I blame most of these politicians.”

President, “I guess I have been a politician.”

The not-so-golden child replied, “The way they act are out of control. It’s really the worst of the worst, Sean.”

Perhaps the American public should pause to considering who's really "out of control" and "the worst of the worst."

A million thanks to www.cafe.com for making this video.

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