Jimmy Kimmel asks "Should Hillary Clinton Be Impeached?" the answers are hilarious

Jimmy Kimmel. Photo by Randy Holmes.

Donald Trump has been serving as President of the United States since January 2017.

Despite that fact, when Jimmy Kimmel’s team hit the streets of Los Angeles, they found an alarming number of people who wanted to impeach Clinton... even though she is not President.

“Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a job to get impeached from, but did that stop people from demanding she be removed from office? Let’s find out,” Kimmel asked on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! before playing the interviews his team collected on the street.

Not long ago, Kimmel pulled a fast one on Trump supporters by getting their indefinite support for the Affordable Care Act... (aka Obamacare). 

When asked whether Clinton should be impeached, one man firmly said: “Yes, definitely. For what she’s done, the way that she’s kind of… more or less, with the Russian deal and all that going on, she definitely should be out.”

A woman who claimed she is “not a political person at all” gave an immediate “yes” when asked if Clinton deserved to be impeached. However when she was asked why, she shrugged: “I really have no clue.” Another man had a few ideas about Clinton’s crimes, though: “extortion, treason…if there was a Benedict Arnold law, it would be her.”

The video "Should Hillary Clinton Be Impeached?" has been uploaded to Youtube and currently has over 435,000 views. 

The caption reads "After public encouragement from Donald Trump, the Department of Justice is reportedly deciding whether or not to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton. Trump and his supporters are so very passionate about Hillary Clinton, it seems like maybe they forgot she lost. She is not the President but we went out on the street and asked people if Hillary Clinton should be impeached. She does not have a job but did that stop people from demanding she be removed from office?"

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