Kansas’ most conservative homophobe not so popular in Washington

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback. Charlie Riedel, AP.

Remember Sam Brownback? He’s the homophobic Kansas governor who tried to undo years of LGBT+ progress in his state. Among his anti-LGBT+ actions are:

  • Rescinded an executive order by Democratic Gov. Kathleen Sebelius that banned discrimination against gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender individuals in state hiring and employment.
  • Legalized discrimination in state universities by signing the Campus Religious Freedom Bill allowing religious student groups to ‘establish religious beliefs as qualification for membership’.
  • Moved extremely slow in recognizing same-sex marriage after the Obergefell decision by the Supreme Court in 2015
  • Issued an executive order that effectively legalized discrimination against same-sex couples at homeless shelter and adoption agencies.

When Brownback was finished trying to establish an anti-gay conservative utopia in Kansas, President Trump nominated him to be the United States’ Ambassador at large for international religious freedom last July.

His appointment faces opposition from both Democrats and LGBT groups.

See Brownback defends voiding LGBT protections.

Other actions by the Kansas governor nearly bankrupted the state with sharp cuts in taxes, and underfunded public schools so badly that the state Supreme Court had to step in and order him and the legislature to increase funding.

After these actions, he saw his popularity in his home state and his national reputation shrink.

The nomination has lingered so long in the US Senate that it has been returned to the White House. Senate rules require that nominations not acted on by the end of the year be returned to the president unless the Senate votes to consider the nomination next year.

David Popp, communications director for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, said Brownback’s nomination was not on a list to be carried into the new year.

Brownback's absence from the "status quo list" means at least one Democratic senator objected to carrying over the Republican governor's nomination.

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