KS: "Bumps along the way" to full marriage equality

Tom Witt, Executive Director, Equality Kansas said look for "bumps along the way" to marriage equality. Photo by Robin Dorner.

"Get ready for some bumps along the way to full marriage equality," said Tom Witt, Executive Director, Equality Kansas in a statement today.

"Unfortunately, Sam Brownback and Attorney General Derek Schmidt are digging in their heels and vowing to continue the fight against full equality for LGBT couples. Schmidt is trying to make the case the Federal court ruling applies only to Douglas and Sedgwick counties, the homes of the two couples who are part of the ACLU lawsuit," Witt said.

Equality Kansas and Witt said here is what we can expect today and in the near-term:

 - Some courts will immediately accept applications, and issue marriage licenses after the three day waiting period.

 - Some courts will accept applications, but refuse to issue licenses.

 - Some courts will continue to enforce the Kansas ban.

 - If you are married out of state, you will continue to encounter resistance from State of Kansas and local government agencies. 

Witt, who fights the fight for LGBT equality in the sunflower state, encourages people who have a problem to contact him at witt@eqks.org.  Be sure to get the name and position of any government official who refuses to recognize your rights.  Equality Kansas and their team will pass that information on to the ACLU and will work to resolve issues where they can. 

"We won't be able to solve everything immediately, but we'll be working as fast as we can," Witt added in conclusion.

It is a historic day in LGBT Kansas!

For more information or to support the efforts of Equality Kansas, visit www.kansasequalitycoalition.org.

Published 8:00 am 11/13/2014 by The Gayly