Lawmaker tells students that Oklahoma teacher walkouts are 'extortion'

Representative Jeff Coody. Photo by

Students from Cache High School heard Rep. Jeff Coody's thoughts on the planned teacher walkout during a visit to the Capitol.

"Honestly, it’s akin to extortion. It’s probably not doable, and you all are going to suffer as a result of it," Coody told the students.

Rep. Jeff Coody said the $10,000 raise for teachers and raises for state employees will cost roughly one-third of what the legislature appropriates each year.

Coody also mentioned the students’ preparation for standardized testing will be interrupted.

Students responded, saying they are already suffering. Oversized class sizes and limited access to Advanced Placement programs have remained a hindrance to their learning.

Rep. Jeff Coody was unavailable for comment on Wednesday.

The Gayly. March 14, 2018. 1:47 p.m. CST.