Long live your pets

Did you know that better nutrition for your pet will improve their quality of life? Appropriate levels and types of proteins are necessary for muscle tone, fats are needed for energy, omegas for skin and coat. A lower carb diet is essential to promote your pet’s overall health.

“A healthy diet for your pet will allow them to perform daily activities with ease, maintain and improve muscle tone, skin and coat while promoting healthy bones and joints,” said Brent Clark, co-owner of three A1 Pet Emporium locations in Oklahoma City. “It will also maximize their longevity and overall quality of life.”

Clark said he and his wife Trish opened their first pet nutrition store in 2010 after learning that an improper diet was the cause of allergies in one their dogs. Common pet allergies include scratching, itching, licking the paws and ‘skooching’ on the floor. In many cases, this is due to an allergy to grains - primarily corn and wheat.

“The key is to find the right food for your pet,” he said.

Specialty stores like A1 help people in their need to find proper nutrition for their pets. They offer a vast selection of healthy food and treat choices for dogs and cats: dry kibbles, wet food cans and pouches. You’ll also find freeze dried and frozen raw diets as well as raw frozen bones and supplements.

Clark said pet nutrition is their specialty. “It’s what sets us above the rest,” he said. “We are 100 percent focused on providing unparalleled service and love sharing what we have learned over the years.

“Our staff receives frequent and regular training in all aspects of pet nutrition and pays great attention to our customers and their pets to learn from personal experiences. We have lots of customers traveling [many] miles to shop with us.”

Clark said part of what keeps people coming back is the high standards for the products they offer. None of their products contain corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors or by-products.

The store owner said they have another important mission at A1: to help spread awareness about local pet rescue organizations that do tireless work finding forever homes for homeless pets in the community.

“The problem is much larger than most people realize,” he said passionately. “These volunteers are the true ‘heroes’ in the pet community. If you know somebody who is looking for a new pet, please remind them to consider adoption. It can be a very rewarding experience!”

Brent Clark, co-owner of three A1 Pet Emporium locations in Oklahoma City. Photo by Robin Dorner.

A1 has an extensive selection of healthy foods and treats as well as a variety of pet products and supplies. They have three locations; Edmond, south OKC and their main location at N. May & Britton.

If you have questions about nutrition for your pet, call A1 at their main location in north Oklahoma City at (405) 749-1738. Visit www.a1petemporium.com

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