Maine to offer nonbinary gender option on driver’s licenses

Ian-Meredythe Dehne Lindsey, 33, an office worker and actor from South Portland, sought the “non-binary” designation on state driver’s licenses and IDs. Photo by Ben McCanna/Press Herald.

Maine residents who don’t identify as male or female will soon be able to choose a third gender option on their driver’s licenses, according to HuffpostQueer.

The Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles announced that the state plans to offer a nonbinary gender option ― or “X” ― in addition to the “male” and “female” options on all driver’s licenses and identification cards.

Residents who wish to apply for a nonbinary gender option can fill out a form, and Maine’s BMV will provide a sticker to put on the license that reads “Gender has been changed to X ― Non-binary.”

Residents will not have to pay an extra fee for nonbinary sticker requests, the Maine BMV said.

Oregon, California and Washington also offer a third gender option on birth certificates.

The Gayly. June 12, 2018. 10:25 a.m. CST.