Medical marijuana groups offer “Unity” draft of legislation

The collaboration of groups projected to expedite Oklahoma moving forward on Medical Marijuana.

Oklahoma City - Today, the Oklahoma cannabis community and industry leaders, who provided the Medical Marijuana Working Group with an initial “Unity” draft of legislation, released a final proposal for consideration ahead of legislative action.

This proposal reflects a refinement of the original draft released. Building on this successful effort, contributors from across the cannabis community stand together and ask, “We gathered the signatures, passed SQ 788, and have now provided language necessary for implementation. “Why are we not taking immediate action to move our state forward?”

Comments from group members:

“We need to contact our legislators and advocate for protections and testing on products. We also need clarity for law enforcement.” - Norma Sapp, Oklahoma NORML chair.

“As a community, we gathered the signatures, passed SQ 788 and have openly created a proposed law for passage by our legislature. We have done our diligence and everything asked of us. Now is the time for the legislature to match our efforts.” - Shawn Jenkins, Oklahoma Cannabis League

“Patients need proper product testing and labeling so they know what medically active compounds are present and in what concentrations.  This specificity is what distinguishes between medical and recreational programs. If our legislators want 788 to be medical, it is now on their shoulders to make it happen.” - Lawrence Pasternack, Patient Advocate

"Everyone within the legislative special committee on 788 must now realize that to operate under the Oklahoma State Department of Health's set of regulations, without any testing standards, would be highly irresponsible.

“SQ788 is meant to provide a medical legal framework which requires proper regulation, what is in place is not proper and could lead to public safety issues, as the proponent of the law, we support legislative action to fix the deficits created by the department of health...and time is of the essence." - Chip Paul, Oklahomans for Health

“A lot of people have worked day and night for weeks to get this unity plan as right as any plan I’ve seen. At this point it is up to the legislators. Inaction will be viewed as improper action. Time for a special session is now.” - Chris Moe, Green the Vote

“We are very pleased with how this latest draft of the legislation has come together. Families should not have to live in fear they will lose their children while properly using prescribed medication including medical cannabis.  Family and juvenile courts are closely watching this law.

Without language to protect card holders, family and juvenile courts will be flooded with cases alleging that children are deprived or endangered due to a parent being a legal medical cannabis user.” - Rachel Bussett, Bussett Law Group.

 View or download the Final Draft Here.

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