Missouri business group opposes religious objections measure

Missouri business association opposes religious protections legislation for businesses objecting to gay marriage. File photo.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — A top Missouri business association is opposing legislation to create religious protections for some businesses objecting to gay marriage.

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry said Thursday that the measure would hurt the state's economy.

The proposal would prohibit government penalties against businesses and employees who cite religious beliefs while declining to provide wedding-related services to same-sex couples. The religious protections would also apply to clergy and religious organizations.

If passed by lawmakers, the proposed constitutional amendment would head to voters for approval.

The Missouri Chamber says it wants businesses taken out of the measure pending in the House. It passed the Senate last week after a failed 37-hour filibuster by Democrats.

Indiana faced criticism last year from businesses and threats of boycotts over a different religious-objections law.


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