Missouri church to host dance for all types of families

Brentwood Christian Church is a very inclusive member of the Disciples of Christ.

Springfield, Mo. — A Missouri church is planning to host a dance with free admission that's open to all elementary school-aged children and their parents or guardians.

Rev. Phil Snider told the Springfield News-Leader that the idea for the Rainbow Dance came after a member of the Brentwood Christian Church told him that her child felt left out of her school's father-daughter dance because she has two moms.

Snider said the church's dance will be open to all types of families, including same-sex couples, grandparents who take care of their grandchildren and families in which the father has died or isn't around often. He said his church's denomination, Disciples of Christ, "value(s) dignity and equality for all people, including LGBTQ friends.

"Our church has a long history of being welcoming and affirming of LGBTQ persons and their families," Snider said. "We do that because of our faith and not in spite of our faith .... As a church we want to celebrate the many different families that are part of our congregation and are a part of God's family."

Snider said the June 1 community dance will include music, snacks and games.

"More than anything, we want kids and families to be able to participate and have a fun time," Snider said. "Especially kids that might feel left out from father-daughter dances."

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