NASA nominee against climate change and LGBT+ community

Representative Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma has recently been nominated by President Trump to fill the role of NASA administrator, and this decision is causing conflict in the science and human rights communities. 

His nomination follows Trump's decision to nominate several other anti-LGBT+ politicians

If confirmed by the Senate, he brings with him experience gathered from a position as executive director of the Tulsa Air & Space Museum and Planetarium and military service as a Navy Combat Pilot. Additionally, he’s on the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee where he’s been an advocate for cleaning up “space junk” (orbital debris).

Despite this, many are frustrated with the pick because Bridenstine lacks any science education and is an adamant climate change denier. 

Jim Bridenstine
Jim Bridenstine, U.S. House of Representatives. Photo provided.

“I would say that the climate is changing,” said Bridenstine in an interview with Aerospace America. “It has always changed. There were periods of time long before the internal combustion engine when the Earth was much warmer than it is today.”

 Adding to frustration is Bridenstine’s adamantly anti-LGBT+ stance.

While Trump occasionally seems to seek appointing diverse individuals like Richard Grenell, his continued selection of anti-LGBT+ individuals continues to support division throughout the cabinet and various agencies.

After President Obama’s push to allow transgender students the ability to use bathrooms of their preference, Bridenstine’s response was alarming.

Bridenstine stated that Obama’s guidance would “fundamentally transform America” and insisted that “parents and schools should assert their rights to govern themselves and not submit to Obama’s lawless federal bullying,” in an article with the Tulsa world.  

In his home state of Oklahoma, Bridenstine advocated that the state not recognize same sex marriages.

As the public awaits his confirmation (or otherwise), scientists and human rights activists continue to object the nominee.

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