“Mean Girls” is coming to Broadway

If you’re not familiar with the cult classic, Mean Girls, then you have the option to read the book, watch the movie and, soon, see it on Broadway.

Even more promising about the show? Saturday Night Live’s Lorne Michaels will be the producer. Considering one of the play adaptation writers is Tina Fey, written by Fey originally, one can expect promising results.

For those familiar with the film, one of the characters, Damian is known for his bold attitude and exuberant confidence.

One of Damian’s most famous lines is when he shouts, “he doesn’t even go here!” at a random girl attending a pep-assembly during a dramatic plot point in the film.

Playing Damian is Grey Henson who recently performed as Elder McKinley in The Book of Mormon.

He posted this tweet recently about his former and upcoming roles.

Grey Henson tweet. Photo via Twitter.

Hopefully, the show turns out to be as big of a hit as the film.

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