Conservative politician won’t debate feared trans opponent

Bob Marshall. Photo provided.

Bob Marshall is a Virginian Republican delegate. Despite his history of debating LGBT+ individuals, he’s not looking to debate his newest opponent—a transgender individual.

“When you don’t talk the same language, debate is not possible,” said Marshall in reports. “You end up talking past each other.”

Of course, some are calling Marshall into question for this decision as  silence can be seen as a non-attempt to make progress.

Nevertheless, part of his reason to avoid the debate lies in the fact that Marshall is widely considered a bigot by residents in Virginia.

This is so because he’s the author of Virginia’s constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage and he sponsored Virginia’s bathroom bill that has the potential to ban trans people from restrooms.

Instead of debating, Marshall plans to host a meet-and-great.

While a meet-and-great seems sufficient to some, one can only be left thinking that more could be done to try and understand the opposing side’s point of reason.

Copryight The Gayly - 9/16/2017 7:47 a.m. CST