Poll finds a growing percentage of gay and bi youth

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A recent BBC poll has found that one-third of 16 to 22-year-olds choose to identify as either bisexual or gay/lesbian. Within the survey group, nine percent identified as bisexual and 14 percent identified as heterosexual but not in a complete sense (meaning they’ve experimented or have considered it).

Ipsos Mori conducted the survey with 3,000 people. The individuals were separated by generations Z, Y, X and baby boomers.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the baby boomer generation held the highest percentage of heterosexual individuals at 88 percent. Generation X held 85 percent heterosexuals and Generation Y (millennials) was at 71 percent.

The trend being seen here is that younger generations are becoming increasingly open with their sexualities.

“Our generation genuinely just does not care,” one millennial girl said via Daily Mail. “They don’t see couples and go, ‘That’s a straight couple, that’s a gay couple.’ They just think, ‘That’s a couple, those are two people that are in love and it doesn’t matter.’”

There seems to be growing consensus amongst younger generations that it does not matter who you love if the individuals involved are happy. Also, younger generations have an increased interest in social justice issues contributing to their inclusivity and acceptance.

Copryight The Gayly - 9/27/2017 4:41 p.m. CST