Playboy reminds us to stand on the right side of history

Playboy responded to social media backlash against its first transgender Playmate with a series of tweets comparing recent social media commentary to reader letters about its first black Playmate in 1965.

The magazine made history last week when it announced Ines Rau would become the first openly transgender person to be named a Playmate. The announcement drew both celebratory comments and criticism on social media. 

Perhaps most notably, former porn star and Playboy cover model, Jenna Jameson.

“I have a problem with it just like I have a problem with a transgender competing against biological women in sports,” Jameson tweeted Thursday. “I think it’s setting fire to an iconic brand and pandering to this ridiculous PC world we live in.” 

Jameson went on to claim that she is not transphobic, though her Twitter activity seems to indicate otherwise.

Playboy responded to the backlash with a series of powerful tweets.

Rau will appear in the November/December issue of Playboy, which will feature Hefner on the cover.

The Gayly – October 25, 2017 @ 2:45 p.m. CST.