Strange advice from “Duck Dynasty’s” Phil Robertson

"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson. Facebook photo.

IJR (Independent Journal Review) asked Phil Robertson, former Duck Dynasty star, to listen to “music the kids are listening to” and the result was predictable at best.

He listened to Demi Lovato, Cardi B, Eminem, then Taylor Swift. “The evil one done got to her too,” he remarked after Look What You Made Me Do.

As a finale, IJR played Blow by Beyonce, which broke the camel’s back. “…you wonder why 110 million of us have a sexually transmitted disease,” Robertson claimed.

Beyonce is the beginning of a slippery slope to “the microbe world” of STDs, according to Robertson.

Afterwards, IJR asked Robertson if he had any advice for the youth of today. He claimed if sex was marital, legal, and heterosexual, you’d be safe.

View the IJR video of Phil Robertson here.

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