Know your LGBT+ legal rights

Raegan Sifferman & Robert Henderson. Photo provided.

by Michael Lane
Journalism Intern

Attorney Raegan Sifferman works with many members of the LGBT community who are fearful or concerned about how they will be treated by the legal system. “Because of this fear, many people do not take measures that will protect them in the future,” she said.

Sifferman has been practicing law for over five years. Her passion is LGBT+ family law.

“I first started practicing at an insurance defense firm. However, I have always had an interest in LGBT family law, so I’ve made a practice of studying it for years.

“As a lesbian, I have always had an interest and concern for marriage equality for myself and the lives of those close to me.”

She said giving a voice to members of the LGBT+ community in Oklahoma is very important. “Whether it be adoptions, custody issues, guardianships or estate planning, I have a passion for helping members of our community.”

With same-sex marriage legalized in the last few years, subjects of this matter are still new to the courtroom. “How we treat it [those issues] now will shape how it is handled in the future, which means being informed of your rights and knowing what to do when the law steps into your personal life are important.

“Through conversations with people in the community, we determined so many members of the LGBT community are uninformed on these topics.

“Marriage equality and second-parent adoptions are newly legal in the state of Oklahoma. We want to discuss the issues that are unique to the LGBT community. We want to let the community know we support them and give them a voice.”

Sifferman added, “We also want to help alleviate their fear, as they will know they have someone in their corner that understands their situation.

“Hetero-normative families do not have to deal with the stigma that comes with an LGBT family law case. We would like to help clear up some concerns about these issues and plan to help members of the LGBT community feel comfortable enough to take measures into their own hands which will protect themselves and their families.”

She and Robert Henderson make up the firm Henderson & Sifferman PLLC located in Oklahoma City. They are hosting an event at Frankie’s Bar to educate the queer community on the ins and outs of family law.

“My partner and I contacted Frankie’s to put on an event to help disperse helpful information to our community, and Frankie’s was happy to help.” They agreed to host the event and provide happy hour specials.

“We plan to give an LGBT family law case update on how the Oklahoma Supreme Court has interpreted LGBT family law issues and will give a few scenarios on what to do if you find yourself in a certain type of situation.”

There will be a quick explanation of their services to inform participants on how they can get help.

Frankie’s, located at 2807 NW 36th St, in OKC., will host this event February 6 at 5:30 p.m. RSVP at or (405) 778-3345.

For more information about Henderson & Sifferman, visit

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