Kansas GOP votes to oppose all efforts to validate transgender identity

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The party's state committee endorsed the statement after a debate on human sexuality at the party's annual meeting during the weekend.

The resolution says God's design for gender is determined by biological sex and not by self-perception. It opposes surgical or hormonal efforts to alter a person's body to conform with gender identity.

Eric Teetsel, president of the Family Policy Alliance of Kansas, sponsored the statement. He says the resolution was prompted by love and noted it recognizes the dignity of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

The Gayly spoke with Samantha Ruggles, a Kansas City transgender woman, regarding the issue.

"My initial reaction was 'How dare they!' It's very spiteful. Some of the words they used, were very cruel...it's almost erasure. They are basically saying this is something they are not even going to address. It's hateful."

She continued, "Where did I miss the memo that separation of church and state was no longer applicable in Kansas?"

When reflecting on the impact of the GOP's decision, she said "It's not going to impact me. I will continue to live my life the best I can. It's the kids. The kids will be affected...We've already had suicides in Johnson county...directly as a result of LGBT+ bullying."

She continued, "People are going to be hurt because of their words."

Ruggles concluded, "The God they're talking about...It's not the God I grew up with."

The Wichita Eagle reports that LGBT advocates criticized the resolution. Equality Kansas director Tom Witt called it an undignified and crass assault and a cheap election year attack.

The Gayly. February 19, 2018. 1:45 p.m. CST.