Marriage equality day meet-up in OKC

Marriage equality celebration this evening at the offices of Freedom Oklahoma in Oklahoma City.

From the desk of Troy Stevenson, Executive Director, Freedom Oklahoma


Today, we stand on the shoulders of giants! From the heroes of Stonewall to Harvey Milk to the movement leaders of today --- generations have put their blood, sweat, and tears into this historic victory. And thanks to the sacrifice of so many the dignity of marriage is now the right of EVERY American.

Make no mistake; in the arena of marriage, this victory is absolute and irrevocable.

However, our work is far from complete, and our movement must be stronger than ever. Until FULL and LIVED EQUALITY is reality for all, we will not stop fighting.

Freedom means freedom for everyone, and as long as our trans sisters and brothers are denied dignity under the law; as long as our youth are legally subjected to the abuse of so-called “conversion therapy;” as long as being queer means you can be fired from your job or thrown out of your home - right here in Oklahoma - we will continue to fight everyday – for all Oklahomans!

But today, we can spare a few hours to celebrate a once in a generation victory - 6pm at 5613 N. May Ave. OKC, OK 7311
Join us for a Decision Day Gathering tonight in Oklahoma City at 6pm – click for more information!

Yours in glorious celebration,

Troy Stevenson
Executive Director
Freedom Oklahoma