Nominating speeches hail Sen. Sanders

Former Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, waves as he acknowledges applause during Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. AP Photo by Mark J. Terrill.

by Sara Ritsch
Staff Writer

Nomination speeches are underway at the DNC, with speeches on behalf of Sen. Senators enlivening his supporters.

The crowd is chanting for Bernie Sanders, but Hillary Clinton’s name is being chanted at the same rate, yet on a different chord.

There are nerves – the competition is high.

“The answer lies in his aloha, his deep love for others and our Mother Earth,” says Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, speaking on behalf of Sen. Bernie Sanders. The answer to our problems, she says, is “to care.” She mentions our environment, the future generations, the lives lost and ruined by counterproductive wars, and more.

“Sanders’ political movement is one of love and compassion and,” Gabbard says, “it is bigger than any one of us.”

She continues, “An attack on anyone because of their race, religion, or sexual orientation is an attack on all of us."

She affirms that the United States of America is “truly at its greatest,” and quotes the late Mahatma Gandhi: “Because this is a movement fueled by love, it can never be stopped or defeated.”

She continues, and nominates Bernie Sanders for president. The crowd erupts.

Welcomed to the stage is Paul Feeney, Legislative Director of IBEW Local 2222 in Boston, Mass. He instantly calls for Sanders’ political revolution in the U.S. 

“Bernie not only fought for people, he empowered people,” he says, emphasizing that “people powered politics can never be defeated.”

He calls for unity and pride for sharing this movement and each moment together, Sanders and Clinton supporters alike.

Feeney reminds the ‘Bernie-or-Busters’ that Clinton shares the same values as Sanders.

He sends a message to America that the Democratic Party is united and seconds the nomination of Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Portions of the crowd go silent, while others erupt in screams, applause and chants of his name.

Shyla Nelson takes the stage, coming from Vermont.

“I have never felt the Bern more than I do in this moment,” she says, highlighting the togetherness of the Democratic Party and the political revolution inspired by the Sanders campaign.

“I am so proud of us, my friends,” she says with poignant emotion.

Continuing, she says, “I am so proud of Bernie. Our movement continues. Our revolution continues. We will never stop working for a future we believe in. We will never stop fighting for the change we need. And we will never forget the man who leads us.

“So with pride, gratitude, optimism for the future we all build together, I stand before you for the purposes of seconding the nomination of our friend and hero, Sen. Bernie Sanders.”

The camera catches a flash of smile from Sanders himself, who stands in the audience among the very people he pledges to serve – the very people he moves.

Grace Babb contributed to this report.
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