Ohio City Considers Ban on Gay Conversion Therapy

Ohio councilman Dan O'Malley. Facebook photo.

Lakewood, Ohio is considering legislation that would ban "gay conversion" therapy.

Recently, local councilman, Dan O'Malley proposed an ordinance that would make it a criminal act and anyone who
practiced it would be penalized.

"We've had horrific stories come out here in Ohio of kids and adults for that matter who've had to go through conversation therapy," he said.

Many residents in the city are supportive of the proposal and would vote for any lawmakers who made the bam possible.

"It should be banned and any legislation that would get a head of it I'd support I think," said resident Kate Toley.

According ot O'Malley many pediatric and mental health professionals discredit the affect of conversion therapy.

Though it's strange to even have to propose a ban, many residents feel it's needed in today's political climate.

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The Gayly. 9/20/2018 @ 1:34 p.m. CST.