OKCPS Board Chair, others ask for Humphreys resignation

Former Oklahoma City Mayor, Kirk Humphreys. File photo.

Oklahoma City Public School Board Chair Paula Lewis has called for the resignation of Kirk Humphreys from the John Rex Charter Elementary Board after his comments on Sunday about the LGBTQ community.

“Our board unanimously passed a resolution this past spring declaring unwavering support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer students and staff,” said Lewis. “The comments from Kirk Humphreys go against our school district’s values of inclusivity and equality. We believe there is strength in our diversity.”

On KFOR’s Flashpoint, which aired this past Sunday, Humphreys equated members of the LGBTQ to pedophiles and sexual predators. Humphreys is a member of the John Rex Charter Elementary Board and serves on the Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma.

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“We believe that each child in our school district is special, no matter their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression,” said Lewis. “To insinuate that anyone in the LGBTQ community is the same as a pedophile or sexual predator just because of their orientation or identity is unacceptable. I ask that Mr. Humphreys resign from the John Rex Charter Elementary Board. This type of rhetoric has no place in our school district, and we need to hold our leaders in this community to a higher standard.”

Tulsa’s Oklahomans for Equality said they are ‘appalled by remarks made by Humphreys.’

“Humphreys is slated to be the chairman of the OU regents in 2018-19. As such, he will play a large role in selecting the university's next president.”

The following statement was released by The Department of Human Relations at OU and OU Alumni:

“I condemn outright Kirk Humphreys’ homophobic and bigoted remarks,” said Sage Mauldin, Adjunct Professor of Human Relations at The University of Oklahoma. “Comparing homosexuality to pedophilia is not just impolitic; it is abhorrent. Humphreys is an embarrassment to higher education and unfit to lead and should be forced to step down.

“At OU, our LGBTQIA faculty, staff, and students are valued members of our collective family and will be treated with dignity and respect. I, along with countless faculty, staff, and students, am dedicated to upholding the University's commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity. We will not cease making our voices heard until Humphreys is either forced to resign or voluntarily resigns.”

Mauldin is a social activist and the author of LGBT+ Issues in the United States.

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