Oklahoma students create trans clothing exchange

How does someone already paying for hormones, therapy and perhaps other, even more expensive treatments pay to completely update their wardrobe?

by Emma Rose Kraus
Intern Journalist

Being transgender today comes with many expectations and expenses, some of which we talk about quite frequently, while there are others that we hardly think about. One of these less considered costs is clothing.

How does someone already paying for hormones, therapy and perhaps other, even more expensive treatments pay to completely update their wardrobe? This was just one of the questions on University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) student Kiki Pierce’s mind when she came up with the idea for They/Them/Their.

“All of these things, they add up and you don’t even think about it,” says Pierce, director and founder of They/Them/Their. “We hope to make [transitioning] easier.”

They/Them/Their wishes to make clothing less of an issue for those in the midst of transition by providing exchange services matching trans men and women of similar sizes and styles so that they can exchange wardrobes.

The student-led organization also accepts donations of clothing which they will also use to help their clients craft their new closets.

“Our goal is to defeat that persistent problem that people find when looking for clothing,” expounds Pierce.

They/Them/Their, which is hosting a fundraising event in Oklahoma City this month, is funded by a Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR) grant at UCO which aids students in transformative research and projects students would like to bring to campus.

While this grant covers many supplies and materials, Pierce reveals the organization, which is staffed by both student interns and volunteers, has not been without its share of challenges.

“We don’t have a physical space right now and that’s a huge complication in what we’re doing,” says Pierce. “We have all these clothing donations and we have nowhere to put [them].”

The group also is in need of monetary donations as well as clothing contributions in order to reach more of their ultimate goals.

“Soon we want to design our own clothing and make more unisex clothing,” Pierce divulges. “T-shirts, sweats, socks; things we can add our logo to and sell as a [means of] support.”

Despite these temporary road blocks, Pierce is positive of They/Them/Their’s mission and remains vigilant in making sure her project succeeds.

“It’s really exciting to see something that I’ve been thinking about for so long finally get the wheels turning and get going,” Pierce explains. “It’s all just really awesome.”

Support They/Them/Their by attending their fundraising event at DC on Film Row, March 24, 8-11 p.m. and by following their Facebook page at They/Them/Their and Twitter at @TheyThemTheir_. Contact They/Them/Their through their Facebook page or via email at theythemtheirinfo@gmail.com.

They/Them/Their is currently accepting monetary donations as well as clothing donations; the group is primarily in need of men’s clothing.

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