In Oklahoma, vote Tuesday, August 28 for Al McAffrey, County Commissioner Dist. 1

By Robin Dorner & Ken Townsend

Tomorrow is voting day. If you are in Oklahoma County and will vote for a Commissioner in District 1, we have some news you may want to hear before you vote.

There are two people in the runoff election: Businessman and former Oklahoma Legislator, Al McAffrey, and public health professional, Carrie Blumert.

McAffrey was the first openly gay legislator to serve Oklahomans at the state capitol. He was a state representative from November 2006 to February 2012 and, in a special election, was elected to serve as Oklahoma senator from that time through 2014.

McAffrey is the father of three daughters and grandfather of eight grandchildren. He lives in Oklahoma City with his husband, David. They attend Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church.

According to her website, Carrie Blumert is a public health professional with a passion for leadership. A graduate of Oklahoma State, Carrie earned a Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Services. She went on to earn a Master’s in Public Health from the University of Oklahoma.

Her website states she is an active member of Crestwood Vineyard Church, who hosts speakers such as Dennis Jernigan.

Jernigan is known for saying things like, “Because of this wrong thinking I came to believe I was homosexual.

“It must have begun early in my life because I remember having those feelings for the same gender at a very early age. I hid this from others through high school and my four years at Oklahoma Baptist University even though it wasn't hidden from those I had relations with. I might add that even though I was involved in homosexuality through my college days that I still regard that time with fondness.”

Yes, he regards that time with “fondness,” yet goes on to talk about how sinful the “lifestyle” is.

“There are those of you here who are dealing with things that you have never told anyone, and you are carrying those burdens, and that's wrong--that's sin, and you need to let those hurts go and give them to the Lord. We are going to sing the song again and I want you to lift your hands to the Lord--and all of those burdens that you are carrying, I want you to place them in your hands and lift your hurts to Him.”

These quotes are directly from his website.

The question should be asked, "Does this church believe in the same message as that delivered by someone they regard as a worship leader?" This information is listed on the church website. The next question is, "Does Carrie Blumert, an active member of the church according to her website, believe in this message?"

An attempt was made to contact Carrie Blumert for a statement, but our emails went unanswered up to the time we went to press. A call was made to The Crestwood Vineyard Church for a comment, but the call went to voicemail.

McAffrey graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1974. From there he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served as a Navy Corpsman. After serving his country, he joined the Oklahoma City Police Department and later went on to own and operate several successful small businesses. He and his husband own and operate Howard Brothers Florist in Oklahoma City.

As a former state legislator, McAffrey told The Gayly, “The county commissioner controls all the money in the county. I think if you have business experience, it gives you a better idea of how to allocate these funds.”

The Gayly believes voters should not take a chance on anyone who may have an agenda against our community.

We urge you to vote for Al McAffery for Oklahoma County Commissioner District 1 in the August 28 runoff election.

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