OutBuro helps LGBTQ+ community find jobs

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Recently there have been many discussions in the media regarding the employment of members in the LGBTQ+ community and the challenges they face.

However, recently CEO Dennis Velco created OutBüro, which is an online connection tool for LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs and professionals.

The purpose of OutBüro is to help LGBTQ+ people find jobs at companies that support the community according to Forbes.

Originally, the website began as a page on LinkedIn and grew to the largest LGBTQ+ group on LinkedIn with over 45, 000 members.

Velco launched the OutBüro website to offer more opportunities for members of the community.

Similar to LinkedIn, users of this website can post past job experience, education and other professional information on their profiles. They can also network, submit resumes and have access to the largest LGBTQ+ employment rating system.

It’s also a useful tool to discover companies polices on sexual harassment, domestic partner benefits, transgender-inclusive benefits and other such aspects.

“OutBüro seeks to be a tool for corporations to identify great talent and have that great talent in a space in which they feel safe,” says Velco.

In addition, OutBüro helps people find mentors, funding, friends and much more. It’s described by Velco as more than a place for LGBTQ+ people to find a job.

By having companies explain their policies and other employees share their experiences, OutBüro shows the honesty of a company.

“There’s a disconnect between policy—the good behavior, the intent of the company—and then what actually happens down the rank. Having policies and procedures in place that are LGBT-friendly are wonderful. I applaud every company out there who is doing that. That does not, however, mean that that company is devoid of harassment and issues that are discriminatory and negative toward their LGBT employees.”

It is the goal of Velco and OutBüro to spread awareness on the injustices LGBTQ+ employees face and provide them equal opportunity.

Velco says, “OutBüro breaks down barriers and opens opportunities, even for mid-size companies, to participate and show what they’re doing in their business for the LGBT community and their employees.”

To join OutBüro, people can search for the group on LinkedIn or go to OutBüro.com and begin building their profile.

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