Rep. Sally Kern calls gays worse than terrorists AGAIN in retirement speech

Oklahoma City – In her retirement speech before the Oklahoma State House of Representatives, today, Rep. Sally Kern doubled down on her infamous 2008 comments equating "the homosexual agenda" to terrorism. Not only did she refuse to apologize, she restated her comments and said she believed it more than ever. She went on to state that the advancements in LGBTQ rights - of the last few years - have destroyed the nation, and are to blame for the ills of society.

In a speech filled with lies, and extreme misinformation, she cemented her career as the nations leading proponent of anti-LGBTQ hatred. Since first joining the legislature 12 years ago, Rep. Kern has introduced dozens of bills aimed at stripping rights away from LGBTQ Oklahomans.

In the last two years she led a nationally unprecedented attack, which saw 27 pieces of anti-LGBTQ legislation introduced by Rep. Kern and a handful of her colleagues. All were defeated because of the efforts of fair-minded legislators of both parties and advocacy organizations like Freedom Oklahoma. Those efforts became the brunt of a joke in her speech when she said:

"How many of you are having a farewell party and a fundraiser thrown in your honor just because you are leaving? You know when I first heard about this I was a little bit offended. I mean just $35 for a ticket? I thought surely, if I'm their biggest opponent couldn't I be worth at least $50."

She went on to double down on her assertion that members of the LGBTQ  community are worse than terrorists with the following remarks, "...yes in 2008 I did say that the 'homosexual agenda' is worse than terrorism. Now we all know that terrorism destroys lives, property and brings devastation. Just look at where we are today in our society... I didn't apologize in 2008 and I don't apologize today either because God's word has not changed. Things are worse today than they were then and I'm afraid they're going to just get worse."

"Listening to her speech, I was shocked to hear that despite all of the people Representative Kern has met during her time in the legislature, all of the loving and committed couples, all the kind and amazing members of the LGBTQ community that have taken the time to meet with her, she has not changed her position one bit," said State Representative Emily Virgin.  

"Representative Kern's words were not funny, they were not deeply held beliefs or opinions, they were lies and hate speech in no uncertain terms," said Freedom Oklahoma executive director, Troy Stevenson. "In a state where so many lives have been destroyed by terrorism, these statements were not only offensive to the community she attacked, they are offensive to the survivors of terrorism and the families of the victims.

"There is clear and undeniable evidence that proves this type of vitriol leads to harassment, intimidation, and self-hatred amongst LGBTQ identified youth. There is no doubt that this type of rhetoric leads to violence, self-harm, and worse. The Representatives' final speech before her colleagues was shameful, and will be remembered as the capstone of a career built on hatred and discrimination - for that I pity her."   

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The Gayly - 5/12/2016 @ 9:41 a.m. CDT