Rose McGowan cancels book tour after shouting match with trans woman

Rose McGowan. Twitter photo.

(CNN) Actor and director Rose McGowan has canceled all upcoming public appearances after she was confronted about her anti-trans comments.

At an event last week for her new book, McGowan was confronted by a trans woman about anti-trans comments she had made last year on RuPaul’s podcast. 

During the discussion, which has since gone viral after being recorded and posted to social media, an audience member asked the actor about her comments.

She said: “Trans women are dying and you said that we, as trans women, are not like regular women.

“You do nothing for them. Trans women are in men’s prisons. And what have you done for them?” 

“What have you done for women?” McGowan retorted.

A shouting match proceeded, until McGowan stood up and said: “Sit down. Sit down. Sit down. Enough! Get lost!”

The actress then went on a fiery tirade which continued after the woman had been escorted out of the building.

“Don’t label me, sister,” she said. “Don’t put your labels on me. Don’t you f***ing do that. Do not put your labels on me.

“I’m not crying; I’m f***ing mad with the lies. I’m mad that you put s*** on me because I have a f***ing vagina and I’m white or I’m black or I’m yellow or I’m purple.”

McGowan told the audience: “I didn’t agree to your cis f***ing world. Ok? F*** off.”

After the incident, the Charmed star canceled the remainder of her book tour and her upcoming public appearances.

In a series of tweets, McGowan said that she had been “verbally assaulted for two full minutes” and that she had given enough to the public. 

In the tweets, McGowan alleged that the trans woman who confronted her was actually a paid actor, though she did not speculate on who would have hired her.

She then went on to condemn Barnes and Noble, where she was hosting her book signing, and the members of the audience who initially did not react.

McGowan said that her staff and the audience were ‘complicit’ in the incident and that they had failed her multiple times.

McGowan made the alleged anti-trans remarks in July last year on RuPaul’s podcast What’s The Tee?

During the episode, she said that trans women thought they knew what it was like to grow up female, “because they felt like a woman on the inside,” but that this was false.

“That’s not developing as a woman,” said McGowan.

“That’s not growing as a woman, that’s not living in this world as a woman and a lot of the stuff I hear trans [women] complaining about, yeah, welcome to the world.”

Rose McGowan has been at the forefront of the #MeToo movement against Harvey Weinstein and all other alleged sexual predators.

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