"Roseanne" reboot to have “gender creative” character

Ames McNamara. Photo Provided.

Roseanne entered the sitcom scene in 1988 and brought LGBT+ visibility to the television screen during a time largely lacking it.

You might remember Roseanne’s boss Leon and her friend Nancy who both identified as gay. During a 1994-episode Roseanne kissed Nancy’s girlfriend and in a 1995 one, Leon married a man.

As the show returns, the audience is greeted by the family 14 years later.

Darlene and David have two children including their daughter, born on the ninth season, and a 4-year-old gender-creative son, Mark.

Ames McNamara, who plays Mark, is said to bring his non-conforming gender roll to television quite well.

“It’s inspiring to see so much talent at such a young age,” said Sara Gilbert (Darlene) according to reports. “Some people are born with abilities beyond their years. Ames is one of those people.”

The revival will run for eight-episodes in early 2018 on ABC.

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