Sheriff statement on investigation of discharged Deputy Sheriff

Ken Coartney in 2015. FB photo.

by Robin Dorner
Editor in Chief

On Friday, we updated readers on a former Deputy Sheriff from Cleveland County, Oklahoma who was discharged from his duties.

On or about August 11, Ken Coartney posted on his page, “The new generation is filled with lib tards, transvestites, gays, and sissies who need a safe room.”

Today, Sheriff Cleveland County Sheriff Joe Lester released this statement regarding the complaint investigation:

“My office has completed a thorough investigation into the complaints and calls received by my office.  I have reviewed the information and have taken swift and appropriate action regarding the employ of the individual in question. That individual is no longer associated with this agency."

Lester went on, "I am adamant when I say; the statements made on the social media site DO NOT reflect my personal feelings or beliefs, my office or my personnel. My employees are some of the most amazing and wonderful hard working men and women I’ve ever met, who perform tirelessly, at great personal risk, to protect the citizens of Cleveland County each day as deputies, detention officers, and public servants. I can assure you that regardless of who you are, Cleveland County Deputies will safeguard your lives and property, protect you from violence, deception, oppression, intimidation, or disorder, and will respect the rights of all men and women to liberty, equality and justice.”

Lester has been the Cleveland County Sheriff since January 2009.

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